Home Towels

Sanjuan Hermanos present us their new home towels and tea towels collection.
Products with own identity, made with the most advanced technology and handmade tradition that characterize our brand.
Beauty and quality are perceived in this new collection ( its creators values)

Beach Towels

Sanjuan Hermanos present their new beach towels collection which have been made to satisfy the most demanding pleasures.
Our desire of excel and innovation make us to do a personal style marked by exclusive designs and the most advanced technology.
Tradition, investigation, development and service our clients is our slogan.

Promotional Beach Towels

We COSTUMIZE your towel for the beach in all posible systems (both JACQUARD and DIGITAL PRINT).
The best price and DELIVERY DATE in the market.

Towel for Hotels / Hospitals

For many years we have been experts on designing the best towels for these places; towel which are professionally tailores for MASSIVE USE and with high quality control and service.

Sport Towel

We manufacture thousands of different towels for the gym and any kind of competition such as running,triathlon and other sporting events.

Cosmetic Towel

We make personalized towels with the appropiate quality for hairdessers and the esthetic sector (BOTH CUSTOM-MADE AND FOR COMMON USE).

Polar Fleece Blankets

Very warm, lightweight, fully customizable by printing, laser, etc.